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Probate administration is the process by which an estate's financial affairs are wrapped up and the estate's assets distributed to beneficiaries and heirs. It is complex and time-consuming, and if the process is not done properly, the personal representative (executor) can become liable for monetary damages.

At Lidia Law Firm, we provide efficient and cost-effective services designed to complete the probate process in a timely manner, so that the estate's assets can be distributed to the beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the will.

Our firm can handle all aspects of the probate administration process. Edmond probate lawyer Daryl Lidia can:

  • Explain the duties of the personal representative
  • Prepare and file the petition for the letters testamentary with the District Court. This is what empowers the personal representative to proceed with the probate process.
  • Help the personal representative identify all of the estate's assets and debts
  • Identify any problems that could complicate the process, such as the existence of previously unknown heirs or creditors
  • If necessary, assist with the distribution of assets
  • Prepare and file final documents with the court

The speed with which the process can be completed is largely a function of the probate laws of Oklahoma. That said, Lidia Law Firm will work diligently to complete the process in an efficient manner, so that the estate's assets can be distributed to beneficiaries and heirs as quickly as possible.

Lidia Law Firm provides a complete range of estate planning services. We can help your family avoid probate costs through the creation of a living trust or other types of trusts.

Trust Administration

We also provide services in regard to the distribution of assets from living trusts and other types of trusts. We can play as big a role in this process as needed — by completing all aspects of the process ourselves or assisting the trustee on an as needed basis.

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