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The validity of holographic wills in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there are certain procedures to follow and guidelines to meet when creating a will. If someone’s will is not done correctly, it could potentially be considered invalid. Today we will take a look at holographic wills and their validity in the state.

According to The Free Dictionary, a holographic will is a fully handwritten will that lacks the two witness signatures necessary to make it valid. This will can be written anywhere or on anything. It can be a letter, a diary entry, or even something scratched out on a notepad. About half of the fifty states allow for holographic wills to be considered valid. Even within those states, there are usually restrictions or requirements for validity.

FindLaw states that in Oklahoma, holographic wills are considered valid. In fact, they have fewer restrictions on them than oral wills do. Even by going through “official” means, two witnesses are necessary. However, in order for a holographic will to be considered valid, it needs only to be written, dated and signed in the testator's own handwriting. No witnesses are needed.

As a note, the writer of the will must be at least 18 years of age at the time that they wrote it. They must have been of sound mind as well, meaning that they were able to write the will with clear-minded intention and full awareness of what they were doing. If these two requirements aren’t met, the will is not considered valid regardless of any other point of validity.

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