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Intestate succession in Oklahoma

Adults in Edmond are advised to start the estate planning process early on in their lives. A central piece of any estate plan is one’s will. In it, a person stipulates how (and to whom) they want their assets dispersed. Yet what happens if one dies without a will?

When do you need to update your will?

Estate planning in Oklahoma is usually not a one-and-done deal. It is possible, perhaps even likely, that your life circumstances will change in one way or another between now and the time that you eventually pass on, perhaps more than once. When that happens, it is a very good idea to review your will and make changes accordingly to reflect your current situation. 

Can you change a living will?

Oklahoma residents may first venture into wills, will-writing, and will-related laws without knowing much about it all. Lidia Law Firm, P.C., is here to help guide you through the somewhat complex aspects of wills. First, we will start by explaining living wills and answering one of the most common questions about them.

Estate planning as a small business owner

People create estate plans for many reasons, but many do so to protect their assets and make sure that their estate is managed in accordance with their wishes after they pass away. For some people, such as those who own a small business, having an estate plan in place is especially important and there are additional issues that may need to be reviewed.

Consider these factors before choosing your child's guardian

As a new parent, the last thing you want to think about is dying and leaving your child to be raised by someone else. However, if you want to choose who that stand-in would be, you need to think about it and designate him or her as your child's guardian in your Oklahoma will. Our legal team at the Lidia Law Firm, P.C., often advises parents in the many factors that they should consider before choosing a guardian.

The basics of a joint will

As Oklahoma couples move through their lives, they may realize they need a will. There are many reasons people should write a will and as they begin to explore the process, people may quickly feel overwhelmed when they see how many options they have. One option some couples may want to consider is a joint will.

If you have a trust, do you still need a will?

When you set up a revocable trust in Oklahoma, you arrange for a trustee to hold some assets aside for distribution to one or more parties after your death according to the terms you stipulate. A revocable trust is also sometimes called a "living trust" because as long as you are still alive, you have the option of making changes to it as circumstances warrant. 

Are there limits on what you can put in a will?

Making a will in Oklahoma is a smart way to express your wishes to your surviving relatives as to how you would like them to handle your estate after your death. However, just because you want your property handled in a particular way does not make it legal or possible to do so. As with most legal matters, there are rules and norms that govern what you can and cannot include in your will. 

It could be time to review your will

Happy occasions should be celebrated. Getting married, landing a new job or having a child are all milestones for which congratulations are in order. At Lidia Law Firm, P.C., we are proud to be part of these happy moments in our clients' lives. 

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