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How often should business owners update their estate plans?

Posted by Lidia Law Firm, P.C. | Dec 13, 2023 | 0 Comments

Estate planning is a necessary aspect of managing a business. With the right plans in place, it is easy to ensure a smooth transition of assets and responsibilities in the future.

However, many business owners may overlook the importance of regularly updating their estate plans. Understanding the significance of keeping estate plans current and how often to revisit them can help you make future-proof decisions.

Business growth and changes

One primary reason for updating estate plans is the growth and evolution of a business. Successful businesses tend to expand, acquire new assets or undergo structural changes. It is in your best interests to reflect these developments in the estate plan.

Changes in personal circumstances

Personal circumstances play a significant role in estate planning. Changes such as marriages, divorces, births or deaths in the family can have a profound impact on the distribution of assets. Business owners should reassess their estate plans whenever such life events occur to ensure that their wishes align with the current family dynamics.

Tax laws and regulations

Tax laws and regulations are subject to frequent changes. Staying abreast of these changes is an unavoidable step for business owners to optimize their estate plans. Periodic reviews help ensure that the plan remains compliant with the latest tax laws, potentially saving the business and its beneficiaries from unnecessary financial burdens.

Surveys show that 67% of Americans do not have an estate plan, but having one is a very important consideration for business owners. Not only is it a good idea to use a will or trust to protect your business, but you should also update the relevant documents regularly to make sure the future health of your enterprise is secure.

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