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Legal Advice For Charitable Organizations

A charitable organization must comply with numerous federal and Oklahoma laws. It must establish and maintain its tax-exempt status with the federal government. To solicit funds in Oklahoma, the organization must submit documents to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office and renew its registration each year. Like for-profit companies, tax-exempt organizations face a host of operational and financial issues. The services of a lawyer experienced in such matters can help tax-exempt organizations comply with the law and minimize their legal risks.

Experienced Adviser To Oklahoma Charitable Organizations

At Lidia Law Firm, P.C., we have extensive experience helping charitable organizations achieve and maintain their tax-exempt status. We also provide a range of other business law services to help our clients deal successfully with the legal issues they face as they seek to achieve their missions.

The types of tax-exempt and charitable organizations we advise and represent include:

  • Churches and religious-based organizations
  • Community service organizations
  • Hospital and medical service providers
  • Indigent housing and relief organizations
  • Private schools and universities
  • Sports organizations

Once your organization’s tax-exempt status has been established, Daryl Lidia can assist your organization in many ways. Mr. Lidia can advise you regarding the minimization of liability, employment law issues, the purchase or leasing of office space and other business planning issues vital to the operation of your charitable organization. Let Edmond attorney Daryl Lidia put his knowledge and experience to work for you.

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