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Establishing a nonprofit in Oklahoma

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2024 | Business Law

Establishing a nonprofit organization in Oklahoma can be rewarding, allowing people to make a positive impact in their communities. However, navigating the process of starting a nonprofit can be complex and challenging.

Taking certain steps when forming a nonprofit helps ensure a smoother and more successful journey toward achieving your organization’s mission and goals.

Conduct research

Before diving into the process of establishing a nonprofit, conduct thorough research. Start by identifying the purpose and mission of your organization. Determine, too, the specific needs and goals it aims to address. Research existing nonprofits to assess potential gaps or areas where your organization can make a meaningful contribution. Develop a business plan outlining your organization’s structure, programs, funding sources and strategies for sustainability.

Study legal requirements

Understanding requirements and compliance standards for nonprofits helps ensure your organization operates lawfully. Select an appropriate legal structure for your nonprofit. Then, register it with the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office. Obtain federal tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service by filing Form 1023 or Form 1023-EZ, depending on your organization’s eligibility. Finally, study state and federal regulations governing nonprofit governance, fundraising and reporting to maintain compliance.

Build a strong foundation and network

Building a strong foundation can increase the long-term success and sustainability of your nonprofit. So, too, can establishing a network of support.  Establish a board of directors with people who share your organization’s values. Cultivate relationships with donors, community leaders and others who can provide resources, guidance and support. You may also want to invest in effective communication and marketing strategies. Doing so helps raise awareness about your nonprofit’s mission. It also helps you engage with supporters.

Chamber of Commerce reports that Oklahoma has about 21,715 nonprofits operating within state lines, employing more than 134,000 people. With dedication, passion and strategic planning, you can create a nonprofit that impacts the lives of others for years to come.